Brief History

It was the summer of 2011, my first time visiting the MoMA in NYC. The temporary exhibition was Francis Alys: A story of Deception. There was a completely new thought that sprung out of my brain at very high speed: NOT EVERYTHING YOU DO NEEDS NECESSARILY TO HAVE A PURPOSE. Overachieving gets in the way of self exploration and discovery. 

IntoThis Podcast is my self-appointed opportunity to explore and also learn about  Contemporary Art.

In the first series of audio files, I have conversations with people who are -in one way or another- involved in the Contemporary Art Scene in Montreal, Canada. In these interviews I explore each individual's personal stories as well as their professional quests, all this from a non-artist perspective. These conversations are recorded in my tiny home-recording studio in Montreal.

Marx R Wilson - 2017



Marx Ruiz-Wilson

Marx is the creator and producer of IntoThis Podcast.

He moved to Montreal from Mexico in 2010 to pursue a Graduate Degree in Chemistry at McGill University. He continues to live and work in Montreal.

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