Episode #4 - Stephanie Creaghan

This week in IntoThis Podcast we have the pleasure to present to you the multitalented artist and curator Stephanie Creaghan. As part of a new wave of young cultural entrepreneurs, Stephanie has been deeply involved in the re-shaping of the Montreal art scene, which today offers a view of an abundant and vibrant terrain. Throughout the conversation we had on late November of 2016, Stephanie talks about her early influences in art production, the experience of opening and managing a gallery, and the different roles she has played as a curator and artist.

The latest exhibition CK2 curated, The Digital Cliff  at Projet Pangée is closing this Sunday December 18th. For more information click here

For general information about Stephanie Creaghan, visit her website

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Produced by Raul Aguilar and Marx Ruiz-Wilson

Hosted by Marx Ruiz-Wilson

Edited by Marx Ruiz-Wilson and Milton Matheou

Sound design by Milton Matheou

Visual Design by Victor Garibay

Original music by Master Gajo 

Special thanks to our guest Stephanie Creaghan