Episode #7 - Loreta Lamargese

In the last episode of 2017 we have a conversation with writer and curator Loreta Lamargese, she lives and works in New York city at Arsenal Contemporary. She came over to the tiny studio in January of 2017, when she was still working at Division gallery in Montreal.

We spend a couple of hours talking about everything from social media self-gratification to the exclusivity of the art world. But mainly we talked about some of the socio-political-economic issues that most of the times are ignored even when we can easily see them standing in front of us basically at all times.

This conversation sheds light to Loreta’s critical thinking and leaves the listener thinking in ways in which each of us could effect a small but extremely important change, only if we’d care enough to stand up and do it.

Thanks for reading and listening and we’ll see you in 2018.


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