Episode #15 - TAP - Laura Acosta and David Jaime


This is a special edition of IntoThis Podcast, in Episode 15 Marx has a conversation with Colombian-Canadian artist Laura Acosta and Mexican architect David Jaime about their collaboration in the show called Ser/Viniendo-Be/Coming-De/Venir presented TAP Art Space in view until July 21st of 2018. In this conversation they share many keys to access the show composed by a virtual reality piece and a performance-activated textile-based sculpture.  

Through this collaboration and informed by their experiences as immigrants to Canada, the artists explore notions of representation, belonging and embodiment of spaces. Utilizing a performance-activated sculpture and virtual reality piece, this exhibition presents a space of liminality in which abstract floating bodies are suspended in a state of repetitive motions and unresolved gestures.

Ser/Viniendo-Be/Coming-De/Venir proposes a conversation between physical and intangible realities, where the roles of performer and viewer are blurred as both find themselves in a perpetual loop between being and becoming within the constraints posed by the spaces they inhabit.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and please visit the show at TAP Art Space.

Thanks so much for listening and enjoy the show!

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Special thanks to Laura Acosta and David Jaime

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