Episode #17 - TAP - Jeanie Riddle and Dimitri Velasquez


In Episode 17 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a conversation with Montreal-based visual artist Jeanie Riddle and Montreal-based blogger and instagrammer Dimitri Velasquez. The conversation is centered on the ocassion of the opening of the show Single Family Home For Sale at TAP Art Space in which they collaborated.

Press Release:

From a superficial standpoint this collaboration may not seem apparent. Yet, scratching the surface reveals that both artists in their own language speak about memory and the ever-changing stories we tell ourselves to make sense of time passing and experiences lived. Disrupting the formalism of painting, Jeanie Riddle explores the potential offered by installation making, telling stories of distant pasts through the use of objects reminiscent of domestic situations. Dimitri Velasquez in a tongue-in-cheek writing style documents ordinary occurrences in a concise and economical way as if fearing -and rightfully so- memories and thoughts will be distorted, morphed or obliterated altogether.

In Single Family Home For Sale, the two artists think about the site where TAP Art Space is located as exactly what the architectural space was meant for, a garage. A place where paintings will collapse with objects signifiers and texts, rendering a narrative of packing and unpacking memories, where the shadows of the past are present and the objects infused with intimate reminders of who we were give us the tools to better understand where are we headed to.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and as always thanks so much for listening.

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Special thanks to Jeanie Riddle and Dimitri Velasquez

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