Episode #19 - TAP - Guillaume Adjutor Provost and Shanie Tomassini


In Episode 19, Marx talks to artists Guillaume Adjutor Provost and Shanie Tomassini about their collaborative show at TAP Art Space called A Witch is Born Out of the True Hungers of Her Time. This show will be the last show of 2018 at the current TAP Art Space location and it will be in view until October 19th of 2018, the programming will be back at the garage at the end of April of 2019. Keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming exciting news.

Press Release:

The title of this exhibition A Witch is Born Out of the True Hungers of Her Time is a quote taken from Ray Bradbury’s short story Drink Entire: Against the Madness of Crowds included in the book Long After Midnight (1976). The story takes place in New York City in the middle of a nocturnal heat wave that forces the main protagonist to ride the night subways in search of a precious cool breeze. Written in the mid-seventies, it is an entangled tale about capitalism under extreme climate, and the pressure for productivity.

The short-story becomes loosely a reference in Guillaume Adjutor’s and Shanie’s collaborative exploration on the impact of climate change on eco-anxiety, a type of anxiety that is more generalized than ever. This exhibition proposes that apart from individual actions that feel inconsequential to the mitigation of the problem, there is an urgency to rethink our societal structures; not by putting humanity at the core of the issue but by challenging the systems that enable environmental destruction.

If a witch can represent simultaneously an antidote and a poison, the title calls to consider what are the true hungers of our time?

Guillaume Adjutor’s practice can be seen as conceptual materialism in which the artist refers to counter-history: Quebec vernacular imagery, queer experiences, poetry, and science-fiction. He works and lives in Montreal. Shanie Tomassini’s sculptures are guided by physical and conceptual attempts to challenge the integrity of objects. Using a wide array of techniques, Shanie is in a constant pursue of newness by attempting to isolate the substance of a form. She lives in Austin, Texas where she is currently pursuing an MFA.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and as always thanks so much for listening.

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