Episode #21 - Roxanne Arsenault


For our first episode of 2019 and overall Episode 21 Marx has a conversation with Roxanne Arsenault. She is the co-general and artistic coordinator, responsible for programming at the artist run center Clark, she also leads a music project called Donzelle and she is involved in many other cultural and artistic projects in the city of Montreal such as Pop Montreal.

Roxanne was very generous and forthcoming with her answers not only about her personal development and her path to arrive where she is, but also about genuinely difficult topics such as the responsibility of an artist run center in the current art climate and what type of risks are they willing to take to keep things fresh and not redundant -which is something that happens often! -

In her musical pursues she shares the type of collaboration that make possible Donzelle and the sensibility and message behind this project. You can find her music all over on YouTube, Spotify or on Donzelle’s website

It was a huge honor to have had the chance to talk to Roxanne and we hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

On a side note TAP Art Space is accepting project submissions until January 15th of 2019, check out the details in TAP’s website.

Thanks for listening!

Podcast Credits

Hosted by Marx Ruiz-Wilson     

Edited and Produced by Marx Ruiz-Wilson     

Music, Mixing and Mastering by Arcadio M Lanz    

Visual design by Victor Garibay    

Special thanks to Roxanne Arsenault

Music Credits

  1. IntoThis Podcast Intro - Arcadio M Lanz - Independent - 2018

  2. Blame it on the baby. Presse-Jus - Donzelle - 2018

  3. Génie - Presse-Jus - Donzelle - 2018

  4. Multitask - Presse-Jus - Donzelle - 2018

  5. Baby Boomer - Parle Parrle, Jase Jase - Donzelle - 2008

  6. IntoThis Podcast Outro - Arcadio M Lanz - Independent - 2018