Episode #1 - Jeanie Riddle

Jeanie Riddle is a visual artist, curator, mom and a Montrealer. In this conversation, Jeanie opens up a window to her life and work as she shares from her beginnings in art while living in California to the way in which she approaches her current practice as an artist and curator. This interview was recorded last June, since then Jeanie has decided to step down from the direction of the gallery Parisian Laundry to focus entirely on her artwork.

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You can find more information about Jeanie in on her website


Hosted and Produced by Marx Ruiz-Wilson

Sound Design by Milton Matheou

Original Music by Master Gajo

Edition by Marx Ruiz-Wilson, Raul Aguilar Canela, Annie-Sahn Morin and Milton Matheou

Guests, Jeanie Riddle