Episode #13 - TAP - Marcela Borquez and Raul Aguilar


This is a special edition of IntoThis Podcast, in Episde #13 we present a conversation with artists Marcela Borquez and Raul Aguilar. They opened the inaugural show at TAP Art Space on Friday May 4th of 2018 with the show titled "THE STATE OF OUR EMPLOYABILITY". Throughout this interview we talk about the context surrounding this exhibition making, their personal views on the present conditions of cultural workers and more.

Informed by Neo-Marxist theories, this exhibition analyzes in a personal rather than cumulative manner the drastic changes in the concept of work observed in the past decade. Through a series of paintings based on the aesthetics of different massive communication systems and schematic representation of information, the artists scrutinize the effects on the creative work, knowledge-based economy as well as the constantly increasing gig economy.

Even though the considerations proposed in this show are the intimate type, the pillow-talk kind of analysis, the same scrutiny could be extrapolated to a wider and more general statement.

The show is in view until June 9th, TAP is opened on Wednesdays from 6-10pm or by appointment

Thanks so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the show.


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