Episode #11 - Julie Côté and Joanie Tremblay


Julie and Joanie make Episode #11 of IntoThis podcast. In conversation with Marx, they share the framework on which Projet Pangée is based. As an artists run gallery, Project Pangée was design to be different than a commercial gallery and also different than an artist run center, which are the most prevalent spaces for art showing in the province of Quebec. In this interview they also share their opinions on where artists should be showing their work, what drives them to work so hard to promote contemporary arts and a lot more.

This is one of the most fun interviews we have posted yet and we hope to have them both over again soon for part 2 of the Projet Pangée team. For more information on their very interesting programming and for any other inquiries please visit their website.

Thanks for tuning in and as always we hope you enjoy this episode.



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