Episode #12 - Katerina Pansera


IntoThis Podcast is happy to present Episode #12, a conversation with painter Katerina Pansera. Katerina focuses her explorations in contemporary painting on topics such as spectacle, fantasy narratives and setting. Besides her painting practice she also hosts a radio show called Out Of Lines available once a month in CKUT 90.3 FM, in it she interviews artists, curators, etc. you can find the archives to her interviews by clicking here.

In 2015 as a response and critique to the increasing proliferation of privately organized (and expensive) residencies, she founded the De Gaspé Nanoresiency in which an artist is invited to spend 60 minutes in her studio producing art works. For more information about Katerina's work and updates please visit her website.

It was amazing to have had the chance to talk to Katerina for the show and we hope you enjoy Episode #12 as much as we did.

Thanks for tuning in and as always we hope you enjoy this episode.



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