Episode #8 - Jackson Darby

Visual artist and musician Jackson Darby lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. In his Montreal days He attended Concordia University and was part of an art collective called MAW. 

He currently leads an experimental music band named Persons while maintaining active his painting practice. In this conversation, we talked about everything from the beginnings of his music interest when he was only a teenager to his explorations on painting reflecting on his background and the meaning of all those things combined.

I enjoyed having this conversation with Jackson and I hope you enjoy listening as well.

You can find Persons music clicking here it's FREE!

Thanks for  reading.

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Podcast Credits

Hosted by Marx Ruiz-Wilson     

Edited and Produced by Marx Ruiz-Wilson     

Mixing and mastering by Milton Matheou     

Visual design by Victor Garibay     

Special thanks to Jackson Darby     

Music Credits

  1. Whole New Life - Persons - HAVNRecords - 2016

  2. American Bucolic - Persons - HAVNRecords - 2016

  3. Persons for the people - Persons - HAVNRecords - 2016

  4. Ambrosia - Persons - HAVNRecords - 2016

  5. This is a problem - Persons - HAVNRecords - 2016

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