Episode #18 - Ben Klein


In Episode 18 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a conversation with recently arrived Brooklyn-based painter Benjamin Klein. In this episode Ben shares his non-traditional trajectory to the visual arts, he was a martial artists for many years until he gave in to his strong desire to create paintings.

After completing a BA in English Literature at Concordia University it was evident that he needed to change paths, he then made his way to arts school finishing his BFA at Concordia University in 2005, then after a period of time dedicated to the direction of commercial galleries in Montreal, he decided to pursue an MFA at University of Guelph. He was one of the RBC painting competition finalists in 2010 and he was represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery until it's closure in 2016.  

In this generous conversation Ben shares his experiences as a  painter, curator, the impact of being involved in the direction of a commercial gallery, what ideas and sensibilities are behind his paintings and a lot more. You can learn more about his work in his website

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and as always thanks so much for listening.


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